Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hidden nine patch baby blanket

Remember this baby floor quilt?

I had some scraps leftover and made a little baby quilt to snuggle with.  

I did the hidden nine patch but added large squares of red to make the squares "float" more. The little baby has Chinese heritage, so I seem to be adding red wherever I can for good luck.

The quilting was done with a squiggly function on my Janome (mode 3 number 30, I think). It worked like a dream with my walking foot.

I received some flannel scraps that were sewn together with the animal fabric from the front.

And a label to finish it all up.

Have a beautiful day!


Monday, September 8, 2014


Though we live in an area where there are numerous aboriginal reservations, my children have yet been to be exposed to the First Nations' culture as the tribes tend to keep to themselves. It was only on our recent road trip to Wyoming and environs that the kids could get a better idea from visiting the  large museums there. There were quite a few teepees and needless to say one had to be made upon our return home.

My husband found six poles that he drilled on one end and inserted a wire through the said holes. I then measured the dimensions of a triangle to calculate how much painter's canvas I needed. I used the triangle template to cut out six triangles and sewed all but one seam to join them together. I had some denim remnants that I added on the lower part of the teepee, as I thought it would show the dirt less.

I drew stencils from animal images I found online on freezer paper/butcher's paper. I cut out the images with an exacto knife and ironed the paper on the selected areas on the canvas, which lay flat. Totem animals chosen by the kids were: bison, wolf, whale, bear, cougar and owl.

As the children learned that the sacred colours among the tribes we encountered in Wyoming were yellow, red, black and white, we tried to stick to those colours when applying the fabric paint. Indeed with such young kiddies, the colours became mixed and produced a healthy brown, but it was all part of the fun.

A grizzly waiting to be revealed. 

The freezer paper was removed and I was pleased with the result. No bleeding at all and such nice clean lines. I added some geometrical designs, the kids added some hand prints and the last seam was sewn. I attached six elastics to surround the sticks on the lower part of the teepee, so that the teepee would stay put.

A family project that will be used for years to come.

Have a wonderful day!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Simple strap dress

A third summer dress for this year's collection using the simple strap dress tutorial from Sew Hip Mama

This one turned out to be slightly large, but it will surely fit my daughter next year. She loved the star fish on this one.

Have a merry day!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer skirt

A skirt is next on the list for this summer collection. It is simple enough to make, but have a look at this tutorial if you need some help: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Elastics are wonderful, aren't they?

Have a sunny day!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer dress - peasant style

Summer is here and I have whipped up some dresses for my little girl. I do not have much experience in dress making, so I thought I would keep it simple to start with. The peasant dress came to mind.

I used a dress that my daughter already had, found the measurements and cut accordingly. Based on some tips found online, I used elastics on the sleeves and around the neck and added a little extra at the hem line. A finishing touch: a little blue bow to match the little flowers on the dress fabric.

For some reason finger expression was important for this photo shoot...

Have a lovely day!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tea Party Quilt - Finished

It is finished at last. This one has hung on my design wall for quite some time and my daughter would ask daily when her quilt would be finished as her dollies were very eager for a tea party.

I am still admiring the effect of the little light squares. Final measurement is 48" squared.

A close-up of the front. I like how the quilting turned out. I purchased a loftier batting and it felt a bit different to quilt, but it is nicer to sit on.

Here is the quilt back. I would say this quilt is reversible. It is like pick-nicking in a field of flowers, don't you think?

A close-up of the back.

A last finishing touch.

Doesn't this look inviting? It did not take long before big brother joined in on the fun!

Have a delightful day!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Tea Party Quilt for My Little Girl - a Quilt Top

Here are the blocks all assembled - high cuteness factor alert.

My daughter loved it!

A close-up of the quilt top. I like how the small light fabric squares stand out.

Here is the quilt back. I used left-over fabrics to make the diamond shapes within the bed sheet floral print.

A close-up of the diamond that I put together by merging the half square triangle technique and the strip quilt block. Perhaps another tutorial is in order?

Now on to quilting.

Have a girly day!