Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Micheal Miller Challenge - a little late but...

My Modern Quilt Guild (bless them!) managed to get us members fabric to join the Michael Miller challenge last year, which ended up taking me forever to finish. Needless to say I missed the deadline.

This project got me humming "What do you do with a girl like Maria?"... because I just did not know how to proceed with this quilt. I just did not "dig" this fabric (Sorry Michael Miller!).

I supplemented with some solids and tried to make do with the fabric combo.

For the circle I used the tutorial over at Purl Soho. They have just beautiful creations and I love the way their website is designed.

Hmm.... how to proceed? Stay tuned!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Constellation Bekka - a baby quilt

I was invited to attend a baby shower a good month before my friend's due date, but the baby was in a hurry and decided to show up a few days shy of the baby shower itself. In preparation for the event, I was making a gender neutral quilt. That project was put aside and I pulled out more girlish colours. It looks almost like a box of Turkish delight.

I spotted a tutorial for this Scrappy Shine quilt on Fons and Porters Youtube

Here is a close-up of the star. I did not follow the technique fully, as I do like ending up with small triangle scraps. I decided to take the squares making the stars' rays and cut them in half and just use them as is risking some wonky stars. It did not turn out as wonky as expected (desired?) as the pieces were rather small. 

In any case, the quilt was easy to quilt using this diagonal technique. I used scraps from the top for the quilt back, in additional to some ash rose flannel that I received from a friend.

And of course my label. I am actually almost at the end of my label role. It lasted me over two years!

Have a surprising day!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Yet another super hero cape!

Another boy's birthday, another cape. Very simple to make and a lot of fun for the recipient.

I was happy to find some starry fabric for the lettering. It gives a nice effect, don't you think?

Have a super day!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Street view quilt top

I participated in a charity block collection with my guild - The Modern Quilt Guild of Victoria. Through my contribution, I managed to win a charm pack which theme is city life. I supplemented it with a few solids and such from my stash following the same colour scheme.

Another boyish look for the Comfy Kids charity - quilts for kids suffering from cancer in the province. This will be quilted on a long-arm by the queen bee.

Finished quilt top measured 50" x 60".

Have a cosmopolitan day!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Daisy chain quilt top

A friend of mine was in the process of moving to smaller lodgings and was clearing out some of her stash. She gave me a pile of pre cut squares filled with daisies. I picked out the colours in this print and rummaged through my own stash and came up with the following using half square triangles.

This quilt is destined for the Comfy Kids quilt programme - for kids suffering from cancer in BC. I like this charity, as quilt tops are requested and as I am not a fan of the basting and quilting process, this suits me perfectly.

Final quilt top measured 40" x 50".

Have a flowery day!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Waves against the shore quilt

I was playing around with my new quick curve ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful. Though there seem to be endless possibilities with this ruler, I tried a simple design in order to get comfortable with the new tool. The curves reminded me of waves, and since I had a lot of blue scraps, this fit the bill.

Does it look like waves washing ashore to you? It does? Well that is great, because that is exactly the effect I was trying for.

I have received quite a lot of strips of flannel from a great friend who is also a long-arm quilter. These come in handy for backings of smaller quilts. 

This quilt is a charity quilt for Comfy Kids - children suffering from cancer in British Colombia. This finished quilt measured 40" x 50". As most of the quilts donated are perhaps more suitable for girls, I was happy to make a more boyish contribution.

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Floor cushion for my son's kindergarten class

A request came from my son's kindergarten teacher for floor cushions. Obviously I replied back immediately that I would gladly oblige. I was in search of some quick projects, so this was perfect timing.

I took out my scrap bags and sorted out some fun and colourful strips to make pillow top.

I tried to colour coordinate the strips with each individual fussy cut square. I made a mix of motifs so that both girls and boys could enjoy it. The back is of sturdy denim to make it last some years. Final measurement is approximately 25" square.

I popped by my son's class and saw how it was already put to use during story time.

Have a joyful day!