Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Floor cushion for my son's kindergarten class

A request came from my son's kindergarten teacher for floor cushions. Obviously I replied back immediately that I would gladly oblige. I was in search of some quick projects, so this was perfect timing.

I took out my scrap bags and sorted out some fun and colourful strips to make pillow top.

I tried to colour coordinate the strips with each individual fussy cut square. I made a mix of motifs so that both girls and boys could enjoy it. The back is of sturdy denim to make it last some years. Final measurement is approximately 25" square.

I popped by my son's class and saw how it was already put to use during story time.

Have a joyful day!


Monday, November 10, 2014

T-shirt appliqué

When I come across cheap plain t-shirts in stores, I just love adding an original touch to them. I have not ventured into the elaborate just yet, but use what I have at hand and try to make something fun for the kids.

Here I used double sided fusible interfacing to make sure the fabric would stay on and sewed around with some neat stitches available on my machine. Easy as pie.

Have a fabulous day!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

A cushion for my daughter's play house chair

We were fixing up a play house that was rather bare on our property for my daughter's birthday. My husband contributed with carpentry and I with paints and sewn accessories.

There was this large chair made of sturdy twigs that resembled a throne. It was impressive but difficult to sit in for little ones, so I thought a seat cushion would make the seating experience more comfortable.

I pulled out strips of colourful cutesy fabrics that I knew my daughter liked, and made a slab pillow top.

I based the blocks on the Rail Fence quilt block but some of the strips were made up of scraps that were sewn together to make one strip. Quick and easy to put together. 

The back is the same fabric used for the play house curtains.

All stuffed and already put to good use.

Have a lovely day!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sewing kit

I am behind in my birthday gift sewing. A result of being crazy busy last spring and summer, when most of the presents were due to be sent in the post! Oh well, better late than never, I guess. So, here I am again trying to figure out what to make for my four nieces that are no longer little ones but also not yet teenagers. I remembered I liked sewing at that age, at least simple embroidery and darning my own socks. So why not a sewing kit? The perfect tutorial can be found here at Lots of Pink Here!

I made some simple moderations. I took a chance and did not add an outer rim binding but just sandwiched the whole thing, and I added a button fastening system to stream-line it a bit. Here is the result.



Inside with all the little goodies included: measuring tape, scissors, needles and spool. Look how matchy-matchy everything is. Enough to make a tween's heart soar, I hope.

Now only three more to go. Hopefully I can get them done by Christmas!

Have a sweet day!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Placemat for boy

So, another boy birthday came up and I had some half finished placemat tops lying around. I remembered this (what I thought) original idea of fabric painting cutlery on a neutral background to indicate their ... uh... placement. Here you can see it at Punkin Patterns.

Fun, isn't it? So simple yet another take on the humble placemat that has saved many a table cloth in my household!

Have an appetising day!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

The gym bag that became a book bag

As some of you already know, I thought my eldest, who just started kindergarten, was going to have gym classes, so I prepared some shorts. Naturally I thought a nice gym bag would be ideal.  It turns out that gym is not on the agenda at my son's school, so it turned into a book bag because they do go to the school library once a week. In any case, I found this lovely and easy tutorial by one of my favourite bag ladies, Anna at Noodlehead.

I used some leftover canvas from the teepee we made last summer to add some structure despite the fact that it is terrible to iron. Some firetruck fabric that has been waiting around for just such a project was also used. Since my son loves (firetruck) red, I thought that this starry fabric was just the perfect complementary choice. I fabric painted my son's name on the bag, in red of course.

My kids sometime know my stash better than I do. They sort of hover around me at my sewing table when they understand a new project is in the works. All of a sudden lots of  nicely folded fabric goes flying while suggestions are being made by these little ones.

Have a boisterous day!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Another superman to save the world

It is great to have a few good sewable gift ideas to make for kid birthdays and this superman cape is one I enjoy making. Quick and easy. Some other examples here and here.

This time it was for a boy who will no doubt help save the world using his imagination while flying around in his backyard with this cape.

Have a super day!