Sunday, March 23, 2014

Box pouch for Grandma

So, I finally got on the box pouch band wagon. My kids' adopted grandmother is having her birthday, and since she is a quilter herself, I thought a quilted pouch would be just the thing to store those little sewing knick-knacks in. The tutorial made by Pink Stitches was easy to follow and had the size I was looking for (9"x4"x4"), so I would recommend it.

The only zipper I had that was long enough was purple and I had some sewing themed swatches that were not quite compatible colour-wise, but I was determined to make it work. So, did I succeed?

Perhaps you can decipher "Quilting is Fun!" on the side?

The other side I used a fabric square with some worlds about sewing and a few cats. Just up Grandma's alley!

Here is the top. With the uneven purple strips it looks like the zipper was sewn in asymmetrically.

I added a little pin cushion I made for just such occasions and a bag of lovely dark chocolates.

Have a delectable day!


Friday, March 21, 2014

And another charity quilt top

Once again a quilt top for a child suffering from cancer. This one I thought would be ideal for an older girl. Some pinks and flowers, but in subdued tones. Most of the fabric comes from my sewing group, but I snuck in a few swatches of my own to liven it up a bit.

I chain pieced pretty much the whole thing. It is pretty balanced considering that the pieces were added randomly. The rectangles were cut 3"x6". During the sewing process I thought these dimensions would result in too chunky a look than I would have preferred, but it turned out alright in the end.

If you follow my blog, you already know that my photography is awful. My five year old took a shot and the picture has some potential. Perhaps he should do my pics from now on?

Have a cheerful day!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A tool belt for her...

My little girl has a habit of going through her elder brother's toy boxes (and leaving everything on the floor...) and has taken a liking to a tool belt I made for him some time ago.

My daughter requested that I make one for her with some "pinky pinky kitty cats". Luckily I had just such fabric and it was quickly done.

I used the novelty fabric with a matching light pink for the front, and a natural cotton canvas for the back to stiffen it up and for tying. My son caught eye of his sister's new acquisition and snorted, "Tool belts aren't pink!". In this house they certainly can be!

Have a delightful day!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Another charity quilt top

My sewing group ladies are so generous. They have given me so many fabrics, but I do not have room for them all so I am liberating some space by doing some charity quilt tops for children suffering from cancer in BC.

Most of the fabrics in this case were pre cut rectangles in varying sizes. I added some red and green from my own stash to liven it up a bit. The rectangles were placed rather haphazardly to make it more fun. The car novelty fabric makes this quilt ideal for a little boy.

Once again my photography skills (or rather lack thereof) makes the quilt look more blackish than dark blue. 

The quilt has already been quilted and ready to be sent.

Have a bountiful day!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

The curtains that will never be...

After weeks of rain, the sun has finally made an appearance. The Spring flowers are starting to reveal themselves at last.

Remember this post about some rather large curtains I wanted to make for our Winter garden? Well... let's just say I was not very inspired after a bit and got tired of the colours, and settled for a more neutral solution for the Winter garden.

So, what to do with these products? They are quilt tops after all and as I do not need them for my own household, they may be welcome in someone else's. Off they go to a dear friend who is organising quilts for children suffering from cancer here in British Columbia.

A bit of a challenge to take pictures under windy conditions.

Here they are lying on a flat surface.

Each quilt top measures around 56"x75" ( appr. 140 cm x 190 cm).

Have a sunny day!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Victoria Modern Quilt Guild banner challenge - "Thinking Outside of the Box"

As a new guild, we have some different tasks to accomplish such as: establishing an executive committee, getting a place to hold our meetings, getting to know each other and of course creating a Victoria Modern Quilt Guild banner.

Robert Kaufman has supplied us with some lovely solids, that correspond with our logo colours.
So each member has been invited to create a modern block measuring 6,5 inch squared using only the fabrics provided in the bundle.

My head was filled with ideas and I had been giving this challenge a great deal of thought. However when I pulled out my ruler, my ideas basically vanished because 6,5" is really not that big, at least not for me. Though I am not intimidated by minute fiddly bits, I just prefer a bigger space when going modern.

Then I thought back to the tumbling blocks on Red Pepper Quilts' Broken Dishes quilt back. Imagine, Rita gets rave reviews even for her quilt backs, that is how good she is! I always wanted to try out the innovative technique, so this challenge was just such an opportunity.

The squares starting from left to right measure 2,5", 2" and 1,5" respectively. I paired up the squares sewing and cutting, until I ended up with the smallest version.

Here are the sections

Here it is all assembled:  "Thinking Outside of the Box". Catchy, ain't it? Well, this is my opinion of what modern quilting should be - non-conventional and edgy.

In retrospect, the light blue background was perhaps the wrong choice. Though I wanted to give the block an airy feel, it lacks some drama. In any case, I am happy I gave Rita's technique a try and it really was not that difficult.

I really look forward to seeing the other contributions to this challenge, but most of all I am thrilled to be meeting Marianne from The Quilting Edge, who will be hosting a trunk show at our next guild meeting March 20th. (Happy dancing going on big time in my sewing room right now!)

Have an exciting day!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some charity blocks for Mexican orphans via Little Island Quilter

I noticed my scrap bags were getting rather full and it was very timely because Little Island Quilter was calling for help with her special project. Please click on the link to understand more about this charity event.

For those who would not send quilts, it was requested that 12 1/2" finished blocks be made which would be attached with the QAYG method upon reception.

Here are the ones I sent off: three for boys and a couple for girls.

My scrap bags are a little lighter and hopefully the blocks will be welcome additions to this lovely initiative.

Have a wonderful day!