Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bloomfield gardens

Spring seems to have come for real this time. To soak in the sun and admire the outdoors, we strolled in Bloomfield gardens, that overlooks the city wall of old Jerusalem.  

Looking towards Jaffa gate and the Tower of David can be seen in the middle.
Church of the Dormition can be seen mid-picture
I was struck by the amount of thyme that is growing here, along side the cacti. Both plants obviously thrive in this climate.

It is a lovely park that has this quirky water fountain: lions spitting water, doves, a couple of mice at some of the feet of the lions and a tree-like centre piece perhaps inspired by the curly mains of the lions. Also pomegranates are a usual addition to such monuments, which can be spotted at the foot of the fountain. Perhaps I can find some inspiration here for fabric design.

Nice touch to add the tails intertwining.

I was pleased to find a lonely cherry tree, which stuck out in the landscape. It was blooming so nicely and will surely help to inspire me with my next quilting project. More on that soon...

Have a nice day!



  1. Hi Christine, I'm so glad you introduced me to your beautiful blog. I'll pass along the address to the ladies in my quilt group. Am sure they'll love it too!
    So nice to see your pictures of Jerusalem. As the weather gets warmer I'm sure you'll find lots of nice places to visit. And have you seen the City of Ice yet?

  2. Hello Susan,
    So nice to hear from you and I am very happy that you like my blog. You are the second to comment on it, so I am doing a little dance in the living room. I would love to hear more from you when you have time, especially about your quilting.

    Regarding the City of Ice, I thought I would try it before it ends. Sounds like fun!

    Take care