Sunday, April 15, 2012

Computer sleeve

My hubby and I have laptops that are in desperate need of sleeves. OK, not really desperate, but wouldn't it be nice to sew a couple anyway? Using the scraps bought on my last Jerusalem Old Town bazaar stroll, I attempted Oh Fransson's tutorial posted on Sew Mama Sew using only items that I had at home, meaning - no fusible fleece but polyester batting and velcro only in white. The lining was made with linen instead of flannel. Am I too handicapped? Only time will tell.

So despite all these short-comings when starting the project, I thought I just have to make do, since most of the missing items above just do not come easily or affordably where I live (once again...).

As mentioned above, scraps were used, so strips were cut out and sewn together to make the front and back pieces, in addition to the flap. Green linen was used for the lining.

Here is the front. As you can see, it is a bit loose looking. However, my husband who is my toughest critic, liked the fabric choice, color combination and the overall look of it.

Here is the back, that I thought I could monogram with my husband's initials or some such. Indeed it is the old log cabin technique. This smaller fabric scraps became a bit warped from being washed and shifted somewhat, hence the slightly diagonal look.

The tutorial is great, as is everything Elizabeth at Oh Fransson makes. Fusible fleece would indeed be an advantage. I could have quilted through the outer layer and the batting to keep it more together, but polyester batting just gets stuck in the machine when not sandwiched between two pieces of fabric.

I tried to hand and machine quilt through all three layers in the attempt to stabilize the sleeve and ended up sewing straight lines down the casing. Not very imaginative, but I'm sure next time will be better. The polyester batting does make the quilting process rather tedious, but then I know that from my previous projects. It was a question of making do. I was just so eager to try out this (for me) new fabric and was more curious to find out how it held up in the sewing process.

Verdict: I think it works, though the polyester batting has to be replaced with something less poofy, more manageable during sewing and more stabilizing for a neater look. I would even like to try some purse patterns with this nice shiny fabric.

All the best!


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  1. it looks great... and if husband likes it so much the better xx