Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First attempt at paper piecing

The New York Beauty quilt blocks are just lovely, and I am sure you have noticed the stunning one made by Kati at From the Blue Chair. I followed the links to get the pattern through her site, but these were unfortunately expired. Fortunately Lenz Ula posted a tutorial for several New York Beauty blocks and I thought to try one for my next girl quilt. The requested color schemes were red and a touch of pink.

So I tried it out and let's just say "fourth time a charm".

I thought to put bright red in the centre and white background to make the blocks look like a sun.

Now, how to assemble it all? Luckily I had the great fortune of meeting Sue from Scrap Happy, a lovely lady who has so much quilting experience and is very willing to share her expertise. She was so kind as to give me some pointers with regards to my latest project, opening my mind to new possibilities. In addition she showed me a fabric store that I hadn't been to before in Jerusalem. You can imagine how that went! In any case, I look forward to meeting with the lovely Susan again soon.

I hope you had as nice a day as I had!



  1. if you go to she is having a New York Beauty sew along with lots of tutorials that give LOTS of tips and hints ... if the link does not work, go to my blog and I have the button on my sidebar that will take you through to the right page xx have fun

  2. thanks for the tip, diane. i will be sure to check it out.
    all the best!