Sunday, April 8, 2012

My mom's handiwork - a sampler

My mother was very crafty, but I think embroidery was her favorite activity. Over a decade ago she made me a sampler, but because I was traveling so much and trying to have as little baggage as possible with me, the little piece of work was stored in my mother's sewing chest.

After my mother passed away, I was happy to find this sampler again among her things. I immediately thought of my baby daughter who could have this with her always and this way she may learn to embroider from my mother albeit indirectly. I think my mother would have liked that.

The ravens Hugin and Munin with the tree of life Ygdrasil
I like this sampler because it combines norse mythology, the regal, the traditional and the secular in Norwegian culture.

Once again, the 8 petalled rose pattern found in so many cultures. 

I am so happy that my mother initialed this tableau, that way my daughter will always know that her maternal grandmother made this in the end for her.

Ha det bra! (Norwegian for "Good-bye")


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  1. lovelly work... and how wonderful for your daughter to have something touched and worked on by her grandmother xx