Monday, April 9, 2012

My quilt to-do list so far

There are so many quilt projects I would love to do but I seem to be a bit stuck, so I thought I would make a to-do list to organize myself better. After admiring many quilts, I think I have narrowed it down to certain inspirations I would like to share with you this time around.

Two quilts for a little girl in Zimbabwe - one influenced by this lovely doll quilt by Sampaguita quilts. This I have started already, I am glad to say. It will be my first attempt at free-motion quilting. I am extremely excited about this one as it is for a dear friend's daughter.

Big boy quilt for my son now that he has a big boy bed - probably a Japanese cross type similar to the one on Gone Aussie Quilting though more in blues and greens,

or kaleidoscope. This one from Noga Quilts is stunning!

Quilt for the sofa. I am getting a bit cold in the evenings, even though the weather is getting warmer. I would like something that could resemble the Beduin pillows and carpet I have. I can't decide if going all star is overkill (though this quilt from QOB is certainly attractive)

or this unfinished one by Made by a Man So What

or whether I should try a similar style to what is done on the Quilting Edge, that I so admire. But then again, I would like to make a pic-nick blanket...

Quilt for the master bedroom - I am getting tired at looking at those wrinkled bed sheets. I have not decided on this one yet. My husband is a bit finicky, so I will have to ponder this one a bit still. I would love to try a sampler, though. Perhaps I'll try the Summer Sampler Series co-hosted by Fresh Lemons.

Summer Sampler Series

Assemble the subway quilt I cut before coming to Jerusalem, based on this Oh Fransson QAL


Finish off the purple quilt made from Cherry House quilts Tempest pattern that I started last year. At least the quilt top is done.

Image of The Tempest

There are just so many projects I would like to do, in addition to the above-mentioned. How lovely that there is an internet community that is generously willing to share and inspire others. I applaud you all.

Wish me luck and have a lovely day!



  1. well, making a list is a good start... maybe collecting fabrics to make ONE (or two!!)of them is the next step xx

    1. oh, but I have! i raided all the shops i could find. so now to take out the cutting board!