Thursday, April 12, 2012

Replenishing my stash and a family outing

So, after I got over the initial shock that I had left behind most of my fabric stash in Bogota, I had to get my act together and hit the fabric stores once again. When googling quilt fabric stores in Israel, only two shops appear: one near Tel Aviv (almost an hour's drive away from Jerusalem) and one in Akko (over two hours drive from Jerusalem up the coast), namely the Quilt Center .

With two small kiddies and at times a rather impatient husband, I would normally have chosen the first option, but I could not resist to go to Akko known for being a relatively well preserved UNESCO heritage site and on the Mediterranean Sea.

So off we went. Half way there the kids started getting restless and the shriek fest commenced and the smoke was coming out of my husband's ears. Luckily the small ones love to sing, so their attention was diverted until we arrived at the quilt shop. While I was on my spree, the hubby and kids went to the beach which was conveniently a two minute drive away. It was rather windy, but the kids had a ball in the sand while I amused myself picking out fabric imported from the US, sewing paraphernalia and meeting some nice and friendly fellow quilters. The only one suffering was my wallet.

Afterwards we went to the old town and wandered on the fortress walls admiring the view over the sea. The harbor was lovely and picturesque. Finally we strolled the narrow streets within the citadel and soaking up the atmosphere.

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Akko Old Mediterranean sea wall and promenade Tourist sites in Israel – North Israel   Acre
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Harbor, Old City of Acre, Israel
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The trip back went quite well, mostly due to our invigorating experience in Akko. It was definitely worth it. Now, to start my next sewing project. I can't wait!

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  1. I feel I am getting to know a country I previously knew very little about... thanks for taking us with you... now those projects... x

    1. i am just finishing off the first quilt top headed for zimbabwe. will start the second one after the weekend. cheers!