Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sea of Galilee

Easter weekend we decided to explore the Sea of Galilee for the first time. The lake seems so large when one looks at the map of Israel, but then one forgets how small this country actually is. It is so wonderful that the distances are so short and travel with small children is done with ease.

Our trip went from the bottom of the lake, around the western shore through Tiberias and continued to the eastern shore. The landscape was so lush and green, in contrast to rocky Jerusalem. We stayed at a B&B where there was grass for the kids to play on. Thanks to the heat, the kids could run around naked outdoors for the first time this year and they loved it. We dipped our toes into the lake once we arrived, but it was a bit too cold for our taste, except for our little girl. She is tougher than the rest of the family, which has been proven time and again, and she is only 18 months old!

The view from the hill where we were staying was somewhat obscured by the haze over the water, but when night fell we could see the lights from the towns on the other side. During our drive we could not tell that the area was so inhabited, so it was surprising to see so many lights twinkling in the distance. The area is apparently known for its mangos and the said trees were blossoming in abundance.

The trip back was done through the Jordan Valley, which was also well used for agriculture. Banana plantations were seen far and wide. We stopped off at crusader castle Belvoir; an interesting spot with ruins that were in pretty good condition.

We could see over to the country of Jordan, but once again the haze made it difficult to observe the magnificent mountains that we knew were out there somewhere.

Have a great day!



  1. Beautiful pictures. There is so much to see here, and so much history!
    From my house, I can see the mountains of Jordan, but they are clearest on a day after there has been rain and the dusty haze has been beaten down a bit. Unforgettable!