Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Siblings Together quilt blocks: log cabin

As soon as I was finished with the older boys blocks, I dove back into my stash and made some log cabins according to Needles and Lemons' group 1 project. Unfortunately, no matter how much I measured my seems for the accurate 1/4" seem, my blocks always ended up under the 8,5" measurement. I ended up making 4 wonky squares by adding two more strips, in order to fulfill the required measurement, but then the block was no longer the style that was requested.

So I went back to the sewing machine and made 8 more, but then left them at under 8,5", hoping that the assembler will not have too much of a difficult time with them.

They are super easy and quick to make, so there is no real excuse not to make a few more.

Have an excellent day!



  1. Oh they are fabulous !!!!! Can't wait to make them into quilts.

    1. Happy to hear it! Thanks again for assembling them all. I am looking forward to seeing the quilt. Cheers!