Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another summer hat for my little girl

I am a bit embarassed, because a little while after blogging about my first attempt at hat-making, I discovered the hat was just a tad too small for my daughter. However, I was willing to swallow my pride and make a new one using another pattern and post the results. This time I used the tutorial on Sew Much Ado.

Indeed it was very bucket-like as I could not see my little one's face once she put it on, but I simply folded up the edge in the back and it fit her perfectly. I guess that means that the sun will not bother her too much, which is advantageous in our climate.

Again, the hat is reversible.

My son requested one for himself but making it look like a fire helmet. I'll certainly give it a try.

Naturally, super big brother had to get in on the action and took off with his sister's new hat to mommy's sewing corner. No smooth get-away here though.

Have a playful day!