Wednesday, May 23, 2012


North of Tel Aviv is an old ancient Roman ruin called Caesaria; originally Roman that is. At the entrance are remnants from the Crusaders. 

After the arch, one sees the ruins after the Romans. Below is a former quai from Herodes' era. Imagine the ramp in the center as a stair case and the grass below as water where the boats would dock.

Most of the ruins in this area were pretty run down, but there were some fine pieces that were salvaged.

And just beyond the clearing is this lovely Ottoman construction.

Three civilizations together, if you exclude the present one of gift shops etc.

And just beyond that is the Mediterranean Sea. How spectacular! I never tire of gazing upon that lovely stretch of turquoise.

Gazing further down the shore is the hippodrome and the amphitheatre. The Romans really knew how to live.... at least the rich male ones did.

There was a bath house with lovely tiled mosaics, which I would have loved to share with you but then my camera's battery called it quits. We went on to see the aquaducts that supplied water to this extravagance, which was right on a sandy beach where the kids had a wonderful time being splashed by lovely warm waves.

Have a sunny day!