Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another portable car mat for a birthday boy

It is nice to have a quick and easy project to make for these little birthday parties my kids are starting to get invited to. For this little three year old boy, I thought a small car mat would be in order, as he will be catching a flight the next day and it will hopefully keep him entertained.

Here it is folded up and ready to travel.

On the inside there is storage space for four cars, beige linen strips used for roads and green linen for grass. It turned out alright, despite the fact that I no longer have the fun street sign print from the first project.

I would have added more pics, but Blogger says I have used up my 1 GB of free uploads. I opened a Picasa account, but there my account is already full due to the Blogger online uploads. A catch 22? If anyone knows a way to get around this obstacle, please let me know.

Have a fruitful day!