Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gender neutral quilt top finished

Well, now the quilt top is finally finished. Similar style to my Japanese Sun Star quilt, but then again with some new twists. The layout is pretty much the same, but this time I allowed for more of the suns to have a colored centre. If you have a sharp eye, you will notice that the half circles in the mid-section are the reverse fabric arrangement to the whole circles. I had trouble deciding which way to go when I started and then opted to use both somehow.

And below is a "stained glass" version with the sunlight revealing the seams. I love that.

I even found time today to baste the quilt, despite two pairs of little feet running all over it while taped to the floor.

Binding has been prepared. I did not have enough of the olive green fabric to go all the way around, but managed to stretch it with some additional grey linen scraps used for the background. I think it will look quite sharp and very modern.

The backing is light green with white polka dots (a classic on my blogs) and some strips of white and grey to extend the main fabric, as I was a little short on the former. As there is light green mixed in with the olive green binding fabric, it all works rather well together.

With regards to the quilting, I thought to try pebbling the green centers to corroborate the circle motif and then stipple all that is grey, leaving the sun rays "au natural".

Now, if I could only figure out if any of the scraps from the paper-piecing can be salvaged or sadly thrown away - such a waste if they had to go in the bin. Suggestions are welcome.

Have a glorious day!



  1. my little scraps go to my grandsons out of school club... the kids use them for collages and any random art work that they want to do... I HATE throwing fabic away xx Looks wonderful x