Sunday, June 10, 2012

Light festival in Jerusalem

For the first time since our last child was born, we were finally out as a family after 8 pm. We visited the Jerusalem Light Festival in and around the old town. Fortunately we live only a 10 minute walk away. The old town is already spectacular, but this light show made it more impressive. Light artists from mostly European countries had light exhibitions flashing in parks and fortress walls.

I think the best contribution was this Italian one, which was a dome (de Cagna?) from the Italian renaissance situated at Jaffa Gate. It was 25 yards (23 m) high and 22 yards (20 m) in diameter. We saw this first, though we should have perhaps kept it for last since it was the most lovely!

Inside the light dome, Italian opera music was being played. Here is the "ceiling"...

... and these are the "walls".

Here is a projection of different moving facial images beamed on a wall in the Armenian quarter.

My little girl of 20 months could not stop saying "wow!", which she had just learned when seeing the dome mentioned above. She was especially enthralled by this light machine that rotated and revealed different colors in motion situated in the Jewish quarter. In contrast, my elder three year old fell asleep in the stroller despite the crowds and noise. He does have to be excused though, as he had been ill the past week.

 A close-up of the said contraption.

If you look closely, projected on the famous Damascus gate at the entrance of the Arab quarter is an image of a pinball machine game, which was actually being played on a computer by some kids a small distance away.

We got home by 10:30 pm and came to the conclusion that our first nightly family outing was a big success!

Have a de-light-ful day!