Friday, June 8, 2012

Pillow for Japanese inspired sun star quilt

I had a block leftover from the sun/star quilt and decided to turn it into a pillow. Though my friend did not request it, I thought it would be a fine addition to the set I am making for her little girl.

It was stippled in the same manner as the original quilt. I am not sure yet if I will embroider anything in the centre.

I finally got a walking foot and it was a set of three different types, including this one that was very helpful with machine binding - my first time. I did need a couple of practice runs (read: ripping) before I got the hang of it. I also thought it would hold the pillow together better with a second seam around the edges.

I used the same binding as for the two Japanese sun quilts posted yesterday and the day before.

However, since I am running a little low on this particular fabric I resorted to good ol' polka dots from my stash for backing.

And voilà - another pillow done! Now on to making a couple of origami blocks.

Have an invigorating day!



  1. I came over from Flickr. I am impressed!

    1. Gee, thanks! And thanks for following my blog. I will try my best to impress you further. Cheers!