Friday, June 22, 2012

Sophie's lovely art studio

I have a lovely British friend called Sophie Walbeoffe, who is a very talented painter and has had fantastic life adventures. Here is a link to a recent article written about her in the Financial Times. It will put a smile on your face, I guarantee it! She has had art exhibitions in the past and is bubbling with new ideas for a new one. Industrious and resourceful, she managed to attain a lovely little studio in the Old Town to soak in the flavors of Jerusalem.

It has a fabulous view of the Dome of the Rock, which is just a short skip and a jump away. Here we are on the roof top.

And here we are inside, out of the hot sun. I find that she really has captured the lovely golden shimmer of the Dome's exterior - a true landmark of the city. The palette used is indeed faithful to the Jerusalem scenery.

While I was taking pictures, she could not help but work some more on this lovely painting.

As a true artist's studio should be, there were canvases rolled up in the corners, several easels with works in progress and assorted paintings hanging on the walls from different sources of inspiration so diverse as: African savannas, Medieval knights, still life and scenes from Jerusalem. All were delightful and powerful in each their way.

Sophie is indeed a fun and spirited woman, who embraces life to the fullest and is to be admired for her accomplishments. My time spent with her has made me slow down and "smell the roses" a bit longer than I have in the past. Speaking of flowers: notice the large prickly purple thistles in the window sill? They were picked and given to her by her adoring (and adored) husband - to which she said - "Now that is love!" Indeed!

Have an artistic day!



  1. A wonderful post. Being an artist myself (besides being a quilter, etc.) I can appreciate another artist's work. What a dream to have a studio where Sophie's is! And I love her art. does she have a website or is there anywhere that her work can be seen online?

    1. Roxanne, how lovely that you are so gifted! You will come straight to Sophie's website by clicking on her name in the post's first sentence. If the link is not working, then here is the site address. Enjoy!

  2. how lovely to find such a friend x

    1. after reading about your numerous birthday celebration, you seemed to be pretty blessed yourself!