Friday, June 29, 2012

The Spinning Sun Quilt aka the gender neutral baby quilt

My husband reacted to my former post's title, so I decided to change the unimaginative name of my now finished quilt to something a little less boring, but not by much I fear... Presenting the Spinning Sun Quilt!

The background is grey linen, of which I added a couple of strips to the binding since the olive green was not enough to go around the whole way. Gives the quilt an edgy look, I think.

For backing, I used green with white polka dots. However, the fabric was not long enough so some strips of grey linen and white were added to extend it all a bit. Perhaps the baby's name, when it is known, could be embroidered on the larger white strip. Just a thought.

The stippling done with grey thread was a nice effect on the back as well as the front. In the white rings, I did a simple wavy line to secure the suns a bit better. Otherwise I left the suns' centers and rays unquilted.

The warm colors really pop out of the grey and the pattern gives a wonderful three dimensional look.

The quilt is ready to be shipped to New Zealand to an expectant mother and friend.

Have an exceptional day!