Saturday, July 7, 2012

i-pad sleeve

I have sinned. I have bought an i-pad. And what does an i-pad need? Why, a sleeve of course. Once again I dug into my shiny Middle Eastern scrap stash to see what I could make.

There are a number of tutorials out there and the norm is that one adds an inch on the dimensions each way on the item and you can figure out the measurement of the fabric required. The ipad 3 is 7,5" (19 cm) x 9,5"(24 cm) - ergo I cut out 8,5" (22 cm) x 10,5"(27 cm) fabric pieces: outside layer, cotton batting and lining.

I tried to stipple this fabric to keep the batting in place, but after a few stitches it became evident that this was not ideal. So I sewed together the lining with the batting and then attached the outside fabric and top-stitched the two pockets, while ensuring that the ribbon was centered on either side.

Velcro shreds this fabric somewhat and I did not have any fancy buttons to use as closure, but instead used some lovely ribbon I happened to have. Doesn't it look like a present with the bow on it?

As you can tell it is a bit short, so that 1 inch extra rule did not work for me. Perhaps 1,5" is more appropriate for the length. In any case, it fits well into my purse now and I no longer fear getting it scratched.

Have a brilliant day!


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