Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tokyo Subway Map Quilt top finished

As promised! The Tokyo Subway Map Quilt top is finally all sewn together. A lot of work but a good exercise in learning precise piecing.

The instructions provided by Elizabeth at Oh Fransson! are as always so easy to follow.

For once there were clouds in the sky, so my standard "stained glass" quilt top pic did not turn out as spectacular as planned.

Here is a close-up. 

So many different squares linked to other quilts I have made. It's basically a memory quilt.

I don't normally take pictures of the backs of my quilts, but could not resist the urge in this case.

Have a spectacular day!



  1. Looks like quite an accomplishment. Very nice indeed!

    1. thanks roxanne! i do admit i need to take a break from it though. have a lovely week-end