Monday, October 29, 2012

A pillow for a nephew

I had just cut up all the fabric for the City Aviation Quilt for one of my aunts, when I managed to get either food poisoning or a virus. In any case I was out of commission for a week, and then one of my kids was sick which added another week keeping me from the said project. Needless to say, I crept over to the sewing machine to do a small project just to keep the creative juices flowing.

I had made birthday pillows for three of my nieces (blogged here), and was about to make one for the fourth niece, but I felt I needed some more time to figure the last one out. Despite this need to reflect on one project, it did not hinder me from making a pillow for her brother. I had not planned to make one for him, since he is only two and would probably not need or appreciate it. However, I have been wanting to sample the random HST motifs that have been all over blog land of late, and thought it would match the quilt I made for him previously.

Here is the quilt I made for him last year, from which I took inspiration for the pillow. (Boy, I would surely have quilted this much differently if I had the skills and the machine I have now!)

And here is the pillow quilted with simple straight lines.

I know it is not very fun for a little boy, but I think his mother will like it! There will surely be another opportunity to make a more suitable pillow for him in the future, if so requested. So, that is one Christmas present sorted!

Pillow measures just under 12" (31 cm) squared.

Have a spontaneous day!


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