Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby doll diapers and changing pad set tutorial

With my daughter's second birthday coming up, I felt it was about time to provide some accessories for her baby doll. For the next five days I will provide some details as to what my little girl got for her big day.

Let's start off with a diaper changing set: changing pad, diapers  and a little pouch to keep these in.

I decided to keep the changing pad a simple rectangle with a fleece lining. Velcro or an elastic closing system like I the one I used in this post are easy to add. Again, I just wanted to keep it simple for my little one.

With regards to size, I just made it big enough so that the baby doll could lie comfortably. The two rectangles were sewn together with the fabric pieces facing right side in. A little opening should be left at one end, in order to reverse it all. To finish it off, top-stitch around the edges. 

Isn't this fabric darling? So colorful and bright. This is the fabric upon which this project is based.

Diapers are easy enough to make, especially if you have real ones in the house. If you need a template, 2 Little Hooligans has a pretty good one or you can try to make do with my pdf template. For my pattern, be sure to add an extra 1/4 inch all around.

Since my fleece stash consisted only of very bold colors, I resorted to an unused floor cleaning rag to get that white diaper effect. I may regret this decision, but then it is so easy to make new ones if need be.

Using the template I drew, I cut out an outer decorative fabric along with the insulating one, sewed around the edges leaving a little opening to turn it right side out. After reversing it, I top-stitched it and sewed on some velcro.

A second one made in pink.

I must admit that the diapers are just adorable. I think they will be a hit.
I thought I would try another type of diaper pouch. I always liked the smart one made by Noodlehead. I winged this one based on the picture, though her tutorial is recommended.

I made two equal rectangles, sewed them together individually, followed by sewing in the corners by 3/4" (2 cm). Once done, the inner pouch was inserted into the outer pouch, then adding the strap, before top-stitching. Velcro was added to help keep it closed. Slightly different from the Noodlehead tute, but you get pretty much the same result, I think.  

Here you can see there is room for two diapers and a rolled up changing pad - ready for use.

Measurements in approximations:

  • changing pad: 9" (23 cm) x 15" (38 cm)
  • diaper: 8.5" (22 cm) at its widest on top, 5.5" (14 cm) at its widest at the bottom and 8.5"(22 cm) long
  • diaper pouch: 5" (13 cm) x 7.5" (19 cm) x 1.75" (4.5 cm)   

Next item on the agenda: a hooded blanket.

Have a constructive day!



  1. Bonsoir Christine,
    Merci pour vos partages généreux !
    J'adore le porte bébé poupée et la couche-culotte !
    Bien cordialement

  2. Would it be ok for a 30cm baby doll please?