Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby doll hooded blanket

Though we presently live in a rather warm climate, baby dolls still need blankets to keep them snug. I came across this hooded blanket tutorial, which was easy to follow, though I think the hood was a bit on the small side. I would make it bigger if I tried it again. I did not bother with ribbon, but simply sewed around the edges and reversed it to finally top stitch it. This could be the reason why it became a bit small.

I used some left-over purple fleece from another project, keeping true to the pinky-purple girly colors. 

I omitted the velcro, which was suggested in the tutorial, in order to keep it simple for my little girl. She carries it around just fine without it. The finished product measured 14" squared. 

On to the next accessory - a baby doll carrier. 

Have a beautiful day!


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