Wednesday, October 10, 2012

City Aviation Quilt for an aunt

After having made quilts for four nieces and one nephew, it is about time to start on the aunts. This particular aunt has requested yellow and brown tones. Since I have been perusing my electronic version of Cherri House's "City Quilts", I suggested her City Aviation Quilt. Not because Cherri House used the tones my aunt wanted, but because I thought it suitable to my aunt's taste and I have been wanting to try the flying geese block for some time now. Actually, the geese etc are in 3D, so we'll see how that turns out.

Though I try to keep a balanced stash, it is rather weak when it comes to yellows and browns. What then? Off to the fabric store I go, of course. Perhaps Sue wants to join me? I have not seen her in ages. It would be nice to catch-up.

Have an amiable day!



  1. OH! the strain.... to be FORCED to shop for fabric!! Good luck... and do your best not too suffer toooooooo much xx lol xx

    1. yeah... i really have to build up my courage to go.... ;-)