Wednesday, October 31, 2012

City Aviation Quilt - half of the blocks done

After a slight digression, on with the quilt.  I managed to find fabric in the yellow and brown tones requested by my aunt, though I would have wished for more variation. 

Oddly the fabric at 3:00 in the picture came out looking more peach than the actual pale yellow. And the ecru is looking rather snowy as well. Hmmm... As an after-thought, I snuck in a green to spice it up a bit (green, spicy? Hmmm again...). Hopefully my aunt will not mind.

All has been cut and now it is piecing time. I did the simpler blocks first to get them out of the way.

Log cabin and four-patch blocks completed. Now on to the more intimidating 3D flying geese and pinwheels.

Have a fearless Hallowe'en!


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