Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quilt for second aunt finished

Here is one aunt quilt done. My machine did not take kindly to the straight line quilting. The fabric was really bunched up when going in certain directions and it was not infrequent that my hand grazed the reverse button during this laborious process, despite the fact that this lap quilt is not that large: 49,5" x 68" (126 cm x 173 cm) .

The quilt front was easy to sew with a lot of chain piecing.

A little closer look at the quilting. I like how the white pops up between the blocks - a lovely geometric design. This souvenir block is a keeper.

For once I had a larger piece of fabric that nearly covered the whole back, only supplemented with some leftover purple and grey-blue used in the front. The vertical quilting hardly shows on the back due to the linear pattern of the fabric. Funny how camouflaged the stitching became.

My subway quilt, that I am now using on the sofa and has cotton batting, is really not that warm. Therefore I tried out white synthetic fleece, which was a third of the price. It was not that hard to quilt with and it is cozier. I am aware of wool batting, but that is not available to me at present.

Of course all my photo sessions attract a crowd of curious little ones who try to grab the camera, climb on the chair I am perched on or roll around on the quilt. All in the name of attention-seeking. It will be great to have my own sewing room soon.

Have an exhilarating day!



  1. Interesting that you had trouble with the straight quilting. It looks perfect to me.
    Were you using your walking foot? Maybe you are just destined to be a free-motion quilter. :)

    1. Indeed I used the walking foot. The cotton thread kept breaking and the quilt bunched up so much that I had problems maneuvering the thing. Well, now it's done. My husband says it is my best yet. Hope to see you soon!

  2. A very lovely quilt you've made and I like the straight line quilting you've used.

    1. Thanks Roxanne. I have started with the swirls on the city aviation quilt and am half-way done. Yay!

  3. Muito bonito se trabalho...feliz 2013