Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tokyo subway map quilt finished

Though I am happy with this quilt, I admit that I got a bit tired of it after piecing it together. Also I had no idea where to put it, as this was a project I started when we were living in Bogota over a year ago. Happily a change of situation is in the horizon and I am already picturing this quilt on a lovely red sofa in my future office (known to us quilters as the sewing room).

It took me around three days to quilt, but I finally finished it. This was my first time trying the orange peel technique and it took me half the quilt until I felt that it started to flow.

Here is a close-up of the front. I liked how it puffed up. Also this technique accentuates the individual squares, which is what I wished for since so much work had gone into those little quadrants.

A little visitor wandered in during the photo shoot.  Let's try again...

Here is the quilt back. I realized a couple of quilts ago that I do not own many large pieces of fabric, so I settled for this blue that I initially thought to use for a jacket for my son, but preferred to used it here instead.

My husband thought that the back resembled water rippling. I think he likes the back better than the front.

There were a couple of serious puckers but easily repaired. However, I will readily admit that a few individual orange peels did look like I accidentally pushed the zig-zag button. My three year old son is quite the talker and went on about being a fireman and having to put out a fire and in his enthusiasm would pull at my arm while I was quilting. This would happen from time to time, but I left these minor imperfections in as I plan to show them to my son when he is a bit older to tease him a bit.

Yes, still loving my label. The background fabric in the front was natural colored linen and the rest in cotton. The binding was the same fabric as the subway stops on the quilt top. Batting was 100% cotton. Final measurement: 55" (140 cm) squared.

Rest assured the quilt is already being put to good use, namely draped over my lap while I type this blog post.

Have a heart-warming day!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tokyo subway map quilt ready for quilting

After just a few days back from our vacation (which was absolutely fabulous!), I pulled out the Tokyo subway map quilt top that I pieced a while ago. I did not know how to finish it, partly because I did not know where it would end up. I had thought of giving it away as it did not suit our apartment, but I had a change of heart and decided to keep it anyway.

I have been wanting to try my hand at orange peel quilting for some time and decided to use Elizabeth from Oh Fransson!'s tutorial. I feel like a copy cat sometimes, but then I say to myself I still have a lot to learn and why not follow the example of these very capable ladies.  

All basted and ready to go. Wish me luck!

Have an adventurous day!