Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Door mod pop

Painting is over for now and I can finally get back to some serious sewing! I have started making a quilt, though this is actually to cover a patio door. It has been a little cold on the shady side of the house, so on Susan's recommendation I decided to make a window quilt. "A what?", you may ask. I was equally puzzled when it was mentioned, but after seeing a presentation on youtube, it made perfect sense. If quilts can keep us warm when we wrap ourselves in them, they should be able to insulate cold windows.

Since the quilt is for a door, I needed to find a patchwork layout that would work well with the narrow frame. In the end I settled for the mod-pop that has developed into a quilt along. By modifying and fiddling with the drunkard's path, the block turned out well enough.

Here is a "stained glass" pic of the quilt top.

I think it will suit the Ghanaian bedspread we are expecting with our remaining trunks. Now on to the quilt back.

Have a warm and cozy day!


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