Friday, February 15, 2013

Fabric paint - a first for me

Our lovely new home has many large windows, for which my husband and I have yet to agree upon how to cover to keep out the cold.  Our bedroom is on the shady side of the house and I freeze at night feeling the draft come in. So on my last fabric shopping spree, I grabbed some thick canvas and fabric paint as I had decided I had endured enough cold nights.

The fabric paint was quite thick and I resisted the temptation to add some water to it. Next time I will try another brand and be sure to use gloves, as this was pretty messy. The plastic laser cut template was almost impossible to clean when changing colours, so perhaps using multiple freezer paper cut-outs is a preferable technique. Anyway, here is how they turned out.

Happily, my husband loved the result. Also they suit the colourful Ghanaian bed spread that is arriving in our trunks. Hooray!

But wouldn't you know it after some weeks with these curtains, my hubby has come to the conclusion that we need curtains for the whole house... and perhaps my curtains in our room are not thick enough... sooo we need to go back to the fabric shop... No complaints on my part, as I can use the curtains for the backs of pillows I have envisioned for the living room sofa, I got to try out fabric painting for the first time and I will get to stay warm in the evenings hidden behind my new curtains.

Have a strategic day!



  1. Stretching out into a different medium is invigorating isn't it? I'm liking your bright and cheery. Hint: clean your stencils with rubbing alcohol. The paint will almost melt off with a bit of rubbing if you clean them soon after using. Also adding textile medium to your paint will thin it without changing the viscosity of the paint and help adhere the paint to the fabric.

    1. Roxanne, I should have consulted you to begin with! Thanks a million for the tips. Cheers!