Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hanging ten at Jordan River

Having observed many cars with surf boards on their roof racks, we have understood that our coastline is popular among surfers. Last weekend we decided to follow the surfers to find their favorite spot. The weather was coldish, but that was hardly an obstacle for the enthusiastic die hards.

It would seem that surfers are very territorial and seniority decides where you can surf and who can have the best waves. I guess the guys up top were pretty low on the hierarchy.

In our ignorance we were expecting larger waves. The surfers seemed to enjoy themselves, so I guess that is all that matters in the end.

These surfers were using paddles. Isn't that cheating somehow? Hmm...

As always, my kids are very well dressed, in contrast to the inhabitants of the region. I am told that they  refuse to acknowledge the cold season. We have upon occasion spotted people in shorts and sandals when it is 39°F (4°C). In Norway, these "brave" people would be called Vikings. I was never a Viking.

My kids are great fans of water and rocks, so as you can see they have plenty to occupy themselves with. 

Hang ten, dude!


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