Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A second baby doll set

It has been a year since I made this baby doll set and I could not believe how clumsy I felt making the items now. They are to go to a little girl who does not have pink as an obsession and who's newborn baby brother could also potentially play with the set when he got older. So a gender neutral set was attempted.  I like the idea that the bigger sibling can associate with mommy when the new baby arrives by playing with such toys. This time I made: a diaper bag, a swaddling hooded blanket, a changing pad, a diaper and a baby doll carrier.

The main decorative fabric was cream with light blue x-es and sweet teddy bear heads. I didn't have any appropriate fleece but rather padded with quilting batting and used a light blue solid fabric instead. Also denim was inserted to strengthen the straps somewhat. Notice the red details. Inside the diaper bag there are two flashy red pockets too. Looks a bit preppy. Tommy Hilfiger perhaps? Aren't the hearts cute? I love combining red and blue fabrics together.

Now off to finish some curtains. It is getting cold outside.

Have a heart-warming day!