Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tea Party Quilt - Finished

It is finished at last. This one has hung on my design wall for quite some time and my daughter would ask daily when her quilt would be finished as her dollies were very eager for a tea party.

I am still admiring the effect of the little light squares. Final measurement is 48" squared.

A close-up of the front. I like how the quilting turned out. I purchased a loftier batting and it felt a bit different to quilt, but it is nicer to sit on.

Here is the quilt back. I would say this quilt is reversible. It is like pick-nicking in a field of flowers, don't you think?

A close-up of the back.

A last finishing touch.

Doesn't this look inviting? It did not take long before big brother joined in on the fun!

Have a delightful day!



  1. Oh Christine, I LOVE this quilt! And it's so perfect for a tea party. Or a picnic :)

  2. Thanks, Kim. It has certainly been put to good use already!